For the past three years, Budget Marine Grenada has supported the school feeding program by providing a hot meal on a daily basis to specific children selected from every school in Carriacou. Sales Representative, Esther Perotte, says: “So far this program has been successful. We have had good feedback from the different schools, the principals […]

Second World Sailing Technical Course for Coaches Another Positive Step for Grenada’s Junior Sailing

Second World Sailing Technical Course for Coaches Another Positive Step for Grenada’s Junior Sailing 2

A second World Sailing Technical Training Course for Coaches, hosted by Grenada Sailing Association, has just been completed and proved to be a great success. GSA Vice President Ms. Carol Gorvett commented: “Professional training for our young coaches is essential to provide a strong foundation for the successful growth of Grenada’s Junior Sailing Programme. This […]


Tohatsu Corporation celebrated the 100th anniversary of its founding in April 2022. The new centennial logo design is inspired by the Tohatsu Blue Wings, evoking the image of the sea hawk, a bird that soars over the oceans of the world. The circle represents the sea. The 100 in the middle of the logo represents […]

ASK the EXPERT: Paint Switch Frustrations

Why is it that paint companies change the names and labels of anti-fouling products so often ?  We all know that it seems like every time we have selected a product, we either like or do not like the entire range of options in anti-fouling’s are switched around and we are forced to rethink our […]

Budget Marine’s Laser and Optimist national championships

Written by, Ed Gifford Budget Marine’s Laser and Optimist national championships sailed out of the Antigua Yacht Club this past weekend brought together the “Creme de La creme” of Antigua’s best young sailors, According to Karl James, two time Olympian  and director of youth sailing at the Antigua Yacht Club. “After the last 2 years […]


Innovative Underwater Coating Ideal for Caribbean Vessels Auckland, New Zealand – Propspeed, leading innovator of underwater foul-release coatings, announced today it has partnered with Budget Marine to offer its full product line to boaters in the Caribbean. With an overriding commitment to its customers and large footprint in the Caribbean, Budget Marine is well known […]

Understanding Yacht Racing in the Caribbean

Understanding Yacht Racing in the Caribbean 4

Sailing boats can either pass through the water (displacement) or slide over the water (planing). More and more modern boats incorporate so much new technology and design that they are able to plane more often and faster than a few years ago. This causes a problem for regatta organizers and rating designers that will be […]

2021 High tide series

2021 High tide series 6

December 18th and 19th 2021. The Antigua Yacht Club hosted the annual Budget Marine High Tide Series. The sailing conditions were challenging for the regatta with strong NE trade winds and numerous squalls with gusts reaching 33knots at times and seas up to 3 meters on the southern edge of the course. The committee set […]


07Jan2022 – The participants of the 5th edition of the Viking Explorers departed the Marina Las Palmas in Gran Canaria, Canary Islands after months of preparations. 20 boats and 71 crews from all around the world departed early in the  morning on the 6th of January with strong Tradewinds, whereas some decided to leave a […]