Budget Marine, in our capacity as a retailer and distributor, does not offer warranties, expressed or implied other than what is offered by the hundreds of suppliers and/or manufacturers that we represent.  If you buy a product at any of our locations, and it needs to be returned, we will honour the manufacturer’s warranty policy and help you with your warranty claim. We are willing to provide you with a copy of our manufacturer warranty policy on request and will represent you should a claim arise.  In some cases, as an additional service to our customers, we will accept returns for non-warrantied products which in our view are defective.  Each manufacturer has their own requirements on how to process warranty claims Digital systems enable us to collect warranty information in a structured way and to deliver it to the manufacturer and resolve claims quickly. In many cases, however, we have to wait on directives from the manufacturer before we can give you a response or decision. 

The following points give you an idea of the various circumstances:

  • Some manufacturers allow us to use our discretion and, depending on the circumstance, give us authority to repair or replace.  Sometimes this enables us to make a decision immediately.
  • At other times, we must present the case to the manufacturer and await their decision, which may take longer.
  • Some manufacturers require the product to be returned, so that they may decide whether to repair and return or replace. In such cases Budget Marine is not responsible for the shipping costs.
  • Due to the nature of some products, such as batteries, the manufacturer will offer a Pro-Rated Warranty, i.e. the customer is given a credit proportional to the period of time that is left on the advertised warranty.
  • In some cases where the product is a component or part of a complete system, the Manufacturer requires a specialist in the field to report on the installation before making a decision. This cost is usually borne by the customer and, if deemed to be a legitimate warranty claim, the customer can negotiate to have it refunded.
  • For certain commodity type items a manufacturer’s warranty does not exist. For these products Budget Marine will try to determine the cause of failure and, depending on the findings, shall resolve the matter as fairly as possible. Budget Marine will not entertain warranty claims without proof of purchase, such as an invoice or receipt, and is in no way responsible for incidental or loss of revenue claims.