With so many different choices, we understand that you may not always get it right. We know it’s frustrating to return to your boat only to discover that a part you thought would fit isn’t quite right. At Budget Marine that’s not a problem! Return the part within 30 days and we will work with you until you have exactly what you need. For a full disclosure of the return conditions please read below.

To qualify for a full refund/credit for items purchased at Budget Marine and returned, the following applies:

  1. Upon entering any store, proceed to the nearest staff member and present the item for return, accompanied by the original invoice.
  2. Items returned incomplete, or in boxes other than the original, may not be eligible for credit. Credit will only be issued after a full inspection of the item.
  3. Items must be returned within 30 days from date of purchase; thereafter a restocking fee will apply, ranging from 10% to 25% of net purchase price, depending on length of time since purchase, the nature of the item, its condition and original packaging. Budget Marine reserves the right not to accept any returns after 90 days.
  4. Special order items, in many cases, may not be returned. In cases where it is possible, payment of shipping costs in both directions, restocking fees, clearing and duty and any other direct costs associated with the special order are not refundable.
  5. Special Order items/materials that have been made to order or cut to length cannot be returned.
  6. Budget Marine reserves the right not to accept returns for items that have been used or installed, particularly in the case of sensitive products such as batteries, electronics, outboards and dinghies, or books and charts.
  7. In principle, Budget Marine will accept returns for purchases made at other Budget Marine locations.  The above rules apply. In addition, if the item price at the store of return is less than at the store of purchase, the credit value will be the lower “return store” price. However, if the price originally paid is lower, the credit value will be the lower “purchase store” price, after applying the same discount as on the original invoice. Certain items are not saleable in some territories and stores located there may reserve the right not to accept returns directly, but instead assist the customer in returning the item to the original location (Shipping charges to be paid by the customer).
  8. Should you be in a territory with no Budget Marine, you may send a request for a return directly to the original “purchase location,” which will issue a Return Authorization. All shipping charges must be prepaid by the customer and the shipping method used should preferably be via a courier with a tracking system.

NB: The terms above are a general guideline, however, due to location differences, additional requirements may apply at some stores. Please ask each Budget Marine location for their complete Return Policy.

Shipping Disclaimer:

Budget Marine is not liable for damage that occurs in transit. Outgoing shipments must be carefully inspected by the recipient before accepting delivery to ensure that items are received in good condition. If items are received damaged, a claim must be immediately filed with the respective shipping company. If it can be shown that the damage incurred is due to improper packing by Budget Marine, we will make good on this. Please note that any discrepancies or shortages in shipments must be reported to the issuing location within fourteen (14) days of receipt of the shipment.