Boat maintenance advice from Ready Set Sail

Boat maintenance advice from Ready Set Sail 6

Nothing shows use like a boat. Whether you are returning from a weekend cruise to another island or sailing into a harbor on a world cruise, your boat will need some tender loving care. That said, with a few simple practices whenever we get to a harbor our stainless continues to shine and the cockpit […]

Rebuilding your laser

Rebuilding your laser 10

Miguel Mclawrence, who is part of the BM St Maarten team, recently rebuilt an old Laser with Honeycomb Core. This was quite a project and as you can see from the pictures, he did a great job. Miguel describes how he did it: I started by cutting around the edge of the boat, the mast […]



Everyone loves a steak, no doubt. Roast chicken for dinner, yes please! So many times you catch yourself breaking the ice with a fellow cruiser over a discussion of meat and where you can source it in the most obscure places one sails to. I do love meat, no question about that, but I feel […]

Upgrading to LED lighting

Upgrading to LED lighting 24

A few years ago when LED lighting started to take off the idea of changing all 40 interior bulbs was not an option. The LED G4 bulbs were expensive, temperamental, and the harsh white light they emitted was clinical. But technology is ever advancing and the options we have now are amazing. I changed the […]

Heading south during hurricane season?

The best way to stay safe during a hurricane, if you plan to remain in the Caribbean, is to move south of latitude 12 degrees north. Since 1960 only two hurricanes have passed over or near Grenada (Grenada is about 12 degrees north latitude). The rule seems to be is that the further south you […]

Hauling out? Some tips for abandoning your baby

It’s always sad when you have to put your boat on the hard or the dock to return to the “real world” for an extended stay. Not only is it a downer to give up cruising and playing for a while, but the idea of abandoning your boat for lengths of time during storm season […]

Getting your boat prepped for the trip South

BASIS: My cruising life style consists of being at anchor almost continuously for four or five months at a time, then day sailing for three or four weeks, twice per year. During the time at anchor, all my energy needs are met via solar power, the engine starting every other week just to pump lubricating […]

Heading South to haul out

Our preparations for the hurricane season mean not only preparing for potential hurricanes or maintenance projects, but also for the trip we will take down south. This trip is kind of a vacation for us. We usually island hop for about 4 weeks, enjoying the sailing, the bays, the beauty of the islands and the […]

Get comfortable!

Get comfortable! 29

Boating is a luxury for most of us, so shouldn’t it feel like one? Freedom, relaxation, escape – all of the things that you enjoy about your boat shouldn’t be impacted by inconvenience and lack of comfort. Sometimes the simplest things can affect how much you enjoy your boat. A comfortable seat, a cold drink, […]

Have fun, and then relive the fun you had forever

There are other action cameras out there, but the Garmin Virb Camera has features that make it great for recording race footage. It’s an action camera tailor-made for the boating environment. With high tech features like Digital Stabilization and Lens Distortion Correction, you can shoot like a master without the film school tuition. The Wide […]