While some sailors are toughing it out in the cold and wet, many find celebrating in a sheltered anchorage or friendly marina has its own rewards – potlucks and barbecues, Santa visiting by dinghy, boat parades and fireworks across the bay, to name a few. Here are products to help you make merry. Perfect for […]


Boat maintenance and repair is challenging at the best of times, but especially when far from land in rough conditions, or on the hard in blistering heat and humidity. While we can’t change these conditions and circumstances, having the right tool at hand for the right job reduces the time and effort taken to achieve […]


Sailors spend a lot of time trying to predict what lies ahead. Whether you need to avoid collision, evade extreme weather, or find fish – marine technology has many ways to alert you, from sophisticated electronics to basic navigation aids. AIS (AUTOMATIC IDENTIFICATION SYSTEM) has become a “must have” for long-distance cruisers, those who move […]


Keeping your cool as you struggle to keep cool in the warmer, wetter season can be difficult. This Technical Corner looks at ways to ventilate your boat and avoid crew mutiny. Classic yachts, cruising boats, hotshot racers and fishing vessels all require different types of hatches. If you don’t find what you need within our […]


“Has your dinghy become a “deflatable” instead of an inflatable? Proper care and repair can give your inflatable dinghy a much longer life. This technical corner covers the nitty-gritty on sealants, paints, parts and cleaners to keep your RIB in top condition. Hypalon fabric has a dull dark grey color on its reverse face. For […]

18 Making sense of Sealants

“Which sealant/adhesive should I use for this application?” This is a frequently asked question from first-time boatowners and even experienced contractors, who find the vast selection of available products daunting. Here are pointers for selecting adhesives, bedding compounds and sealants – but as always, please read manufacturer instructions carefully re suitability, preparation, and temperature/humidity factors […]

17 Greener Boating

In June we have World Environment Day on the 5th and World Oceans Day on the 8th, so it seems particularly apt to be thinking of 9 Rs for Sustainability when boating. Eclectic’s D400 wind generator is one of the most rugged and productive wind generators for its rotor size. The noise and vibration usually […]

16 Safety items for your crossing

A small leak unstopped, a loose rigging pin, a breaking tether, or a poor signalling device – when crossing an ocean any of these could contribute to the loss of a vessel or crew member. This Technical Corner highlights safety items to add to your check list before leaving on a long passage. SOLAS (SAFETY […]

15 Cooking on Board

Theme: COOKING ON BOARD Dear Customer, A nutritiously fed racing crew has the energy and concentration to perform well, while for blue water cruisers and weekend leisure boaters, a delicious meal is always the highlight of the day. Find out more about equipment that makes cooking above or below deck enjoyable, safe, and doable even […]

14 Handling Fuel on Board

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Dear Customer, When handling fuel onboard, caution is the watchword. Hazardous fumes, accidental spills and blocked fuel lines are serious matters that threaten safety, create mess and result in significant financial liability. This Technical Corner has product information and safety tips to assist you. What does a fuel separator do? A Fuel/Water Separator filters out […]