Technical Corner 9

Technical Corner 9 9

Welcome to BUDGET MARINE Technical Corner

This section is dedicated to assist you regarding technical products available at our locations. This technical guide will introduce new specific product’s ranges, describe the products usages and answer most frequently asked questions. You will also find products you were maybe not thinking about for your projects!

Wishing you success and smooth sailing.

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Thanks to the simple and easy mounting and slim design, the underwater light Dione is the perfect choice for all kinds of boat types and sizes. You can use it as a decklight or to illuminate pools or your mast at night.


Housing – Grey Polycarbonate & Seawater resistant

Optics – Glass for optimal light distribution and scratch resistant

Protection degree IP68

Mounting – On hull/on surface, for boats with steel or aluminum hulls, fixing with 3 screws (not included)

Electric – Inverse polarity protection included, EMC tested, cable 1.5M

Light Source – 5W Power LED included, 875 lm light output, light beam angle approx. 35°


Color: Blue

Material: Anodized Aluminum

Mounting Style: Surface

Voltage – Input Range (Volts): 10-30v

Box Dimensions: 3″H x 5″W x 5″L WT: 0.5 lbs

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Does your panel have a hole from a missing gauges? Nowadays more and more gauges get to be combined or read out on a common device. We carry the plugs to fill the hole and neaten up your console.

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Have a look at our Trefoil anchors that fits in the front of your dinghy but holds a lot better than the grapple  (umbrella) anchors . Have a look at our Trefoil anchors . Foldable and with great holding!

The huge holding power of Trefoil® anchors combines with the convenience of folding grapnel anchors that are easily stowed onboard.

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Do you want to use your VHF antenna for more functions than just the VHF and avoid multiple antennas?

Budget Marine has a clever band separator to make this possible!

Designed with you in mind, Shakespeare® engineers developed this AM/FM/VHF band separator to simply your marine electronics needs. The 4357-S eliminates the need for separate AM/FM and VHF antennas, enabling boaters to operate AM/FM and VHF radios simultaneously without interfering with VHF radio performance. This Classic antenna is complete with 10′ RG-62 AM/FM cable, 3′ RG-58 VHF cable and connectors.

Includes 10′ RG-62 AM/FM cable, and connector (installed).

Includes 3′ RG-58 VHF cable, and connector (not installed).

Works with all types of marine VHF antennas.

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Do you want to splice very small line like kite line? If you do, Budget Marine has a special small splicing needle for such small line from Marlow!

Of course we also have the needles for big line!

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To use a bosun’s chair, you need to follow some basic safety precautions. Inspect the chair, and look for wear or abrasion to the webbing, cut or worn threads and damage or fatigue to triangle attachment points. Don’t use a chair that is suspect in any way.
When you need to go safely up a rig, you have a choice between a Bosun’s Chairs and a Climbing Harness.

Pros and Cons for the Bosun’s Chair

 Comfort
 Pockets for tools
 Sense of security
 Ease of climbing up the mast

 Bulky
 Requires two people
 Requires more storage space

Pros and Cons for the Climbing Harness

 High working load capacity
 Lightweight
 Easy to store
 Can be used alone

 Discomfort
 Lack of tool pockets
 Not for lengthy jobs

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What is mousing a shackle?

Mouse or Mousing (screw pin shackle) is a secondary securement method used to secure screw pin from rotation or loosening. Annealed iron wire is looped through hole in collar of pin and around adjacent leg of shackle body with wire ends securely twisted together.

How do you wire seize a shackle?

This is very easy to do, all you need is a little piece of stainless steel wire. The wire is passed through the little hole in the bolt and then around the shackle. Then the tails are twisted together tightly and bent over to prevent snagging on anything

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A rigging knife is a specially designed knife used to cut heavy rope. It may have a serrated edge for sawing through line, or a heavy blade suitable for hitting with a mallet to drive the knife through] Folding tools, often in combination with a marlinspike and shackle key, are convenient and portable.

We recommend fixed blade rigging knives for easy access in time sensitive situations and when working aloft. It can be a useful rescue tool if caught in rope and wire.

They are very useful if you need to untie a knot in heavy rope that has been weighted .

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