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Welcome to BUDGET MARINE Technical Corner

This section is dedicated to assist you regarding technical products available at our locations. This technical guide will introduce new specific product’s ranges, describe the products usages and answer most frequently asked questions. You will also find products you were maybe not thinking about for your projects!

Wishing you success and smooth sailing.

Where the engine and axles are separated from each other, as on four-wheel-drive and rear-wheel-drive vehicles, it is the propeller shaft that serves to transmit the drive force generated by the engine to the axles. The longer the shaft, the more liable it is to bend, and bending is further promoted when rotation is applied causing vibrations and resulting in an increase in noise. For this reason, the propeller shaft has been designed to suppress vibrations arising from a wide range of causes.

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One end of a VETUS propeller shaft is, as standard, provided with a taper, a keyway with dimensions according to ISO 4566 plus matching key, a washer and a propeller nut with integrated zinc anode. The other end may be cut to length.

Material of VETUS Propeller Shafts
All VETUS propeller shafts are made of stainless steel type REMANIT 4462.
As far as corrosion resistance is concerned, REMANIT 4462 is equivalent to stainless steel of type AISI 316. However, REMANIT 4462 has a tensile strength which is approximately 30% greater and a hardness which is about 40% higher than that of AISI 316. It is the high degree of hardness that gives REMANIT 4462 its excellent running properties in bearings. All shafts supplied with key, washer and propeller nut with integrated zinc anode.

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High strength 304 nitrogen stainless steel propeller shafts. Manufactured to the most stringent tolerances. Dynamically balanced and straightened to 0.002 inch on 42 inch centers, 300% better accuracy than specified by ABYC standards. Meets or exceeds all ABYC, SAE and U.S. Navy requirements.

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Shaft seals are essential to the reliability and environmental compliance of a vessels primary shafting.

They sit either on the forward end or both the aft and forward ends of a Stern tube on the conventional shafting of a vessel.
Made from cast bronze with a plain finish. Comes with hose and two clamps.

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The key prevents relative rotation between the two parts and may enable torque transmission. For a key to function, the shaft and rotating machine element must have a keyway and a key seat, which is a slot and pocket in which the key fits.

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Kit contains heavy duty brass hex nut and brass castle nut with cotter pin.

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Vetus has a sophisticated computer program to help select the exact propeller for your needs, ask for a free prop quote before ordering. Propellers are made of Manganese bronze and can nearly always be repaired when damaged. Note props fit metric shafts only.

Original/Genuine Tohatsu Propellers for replacement or spare.

Michigan Wheel offers a broad range of propellers for almost any type of pleasure boat.

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PropGlide™ is a foul-release coating that when applied to your propeller(s) and running gear will increase fuel efficiency and the performance of any vessel.

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Antifouling, Trilux 33 for Propeller
Due to their material, propellers and Z-drives require a special type of antifouling, which must be able to withstand high rotational speeds and abrasion caused by heavy water flow.

Peller-Clean Coat Transparent
An environmentally friendly, foul release coating to keep propellers, stern gear and outboards free from fouling. This foul release product uses silicon to provide a ultra-slippery surface that fouling finds difficult to adhere to. The box set comes with primer, finish, manual, gloves and brushes. Watch the video ”How to Apply Seajet Pellerclean” on our website.

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