Antifouling 1

Aluminium Hulls
All kind of hulls
(fiberglass, wood and other metals)
Outdrives, outboards & any substrate.

Antifouling 2

Unique Dual Resin Technology
Benefits both hard & ablative antifouling
Durability & low polishing
Consistent performance & smooth finish

Antifouling 3

Premium, multi-season performance
Advanced Biolux® Technology
Self-Polishing Copolymer technology
Maximum protection over time.
For use in all waters.

Antifouling 4

Alternative to tin-based antifouling
Protect against the harshest environments
New dual-biocide technology
No harmful effects on the environment.
Top performer in salt or fresh water.

Antifouling 5

Durable finish on all types of vessels
Premium multi-season protection at
a single-season price

Antifouling 6

Next generation hull coating
Sea Hawk DNA. Incorporating
self-polishing, triple biocide,
low-leaching chemistry, vibrant colors
and multi-season performance.

Antifouling 7

Alternative to tin-based antifouling paints
Newest biocide technology, a
revolutionary polymer binder system
No harmful effects on the environment
Multi-season self-polishing paint