Quality Stainless Steel Non-Magnetic?

Quality Stainless Steel Non-Magnetic? 2

A common misconception is that stainless steel is non-magnetic. There are five classes of stainless steel, and only one is non-magnetic. However, it just happens to be that the most widely used type (austenitic) is the one that is not magnetic. Magnetism has more to do with the steel’s grain microstructure than with its chemical […]

Tech Tips from Ancor

Tech Tips from Ancor 4

SecurityWire and cable runs should be robustly secured wires with clamps and wire ties to resist vibration, pounding, rolling and pitching. Size MattersYou need more copper for more current. If your wire is undersized, it can get hot enough to melt the insulation and cause all kinds of catastrophes. Use sizing charts to make sure […]

The importance of boat wiring explained.

The rigors of the marine environment, such as vibration, pounding, salty air, engine-space, heat and exposure to chemicals, put a lot of pressure on the wires that are the central nervous system of any modern boat. But we like electricity — a lot — so taking extra steps to ensure our circuits are safe and […]

Fishing 101: How to make a proper Crimp for fishing

Types – There are 3 types of sleeves, round, oval and double barrel. Round is the lowest quality, because you need to use a cup to point crimp on these. You are putting pressure on a point on the line. Oval and double barrel are similar in quality, the cup to cup crimper deforms the […]

Value vs Price

All consumers want the same thing: value. People often confuse price for value but price is just one of the elements of value. Given an equal choice, most people prefer to pay a lower price for an identical piece of merchandise. Although price is an extremely important element in any transaction, there are other elements […]

YES! There is a difference in Chain.

YES! There is a difference in Chain. 21

What is AQUA Chain? Maggigroup® is an Italian chain manufacturer established in 1925. It’s a made-in-Italy brand that makes calibrated anchor chains and Genoese link chains for mooring solutions. Maggigroup® has strived to improve the performance benchmark and reliability of anchor chains and the AQUA range is the outcome of this know-how, designed for customers […]

Are you looking for a cheaper Anchor Winch?

You can buy a cheaper anchor winch by reducing the chain diameter without decreasing the chain stretched length and strength by choosing If AQUA 4 is the “turnkey” technologically more advanced solution for basic calibrated anchor chains, AQUA 7 is the solution for the demanding pleasure boatman who expects outstanding performances.AQUA 7 is the chain […]

Sailing & Rigging

Sailing & Rigging 27

Whether your boat is racing or cruising the functions and ideas for the rigging stay the same. While race boats use lighter rigs that take more strain, I believe a cruising boat’s kit is more at risk due to it’s constant exposure to the elements and the longer time it spends at sea at any […]

Electricity Onboard

Electricity Onboard 31

In today’s modern sailing world one of the most integral parts of a boat is the electrical system. The amount of electronics available for sailors has increased exponentially in recent years, all of which require adequate power. Ten inch touch screen chart plotters paired with refrigeration units and inverters needed to charge the copious amounts […]