Comparison of AB inflatable Aluminium Hull Dinghies and a competitor

There are many Dinghy brands on the market and besides obvious decision such as size and weight, console or open, there are some less obvious distinctions to consider. 

AB Dinghy reviewed their Aluminium Hull inflatable against a competitor and they have highlighted some of these less obvious distinctions. Here are some of their conclusions:

  1.  AB Transom Knees have reinforcements, these are made to receive all the stress placed by the knees. An additional advantage from AB is that seams on the transom knees are all around the knee. The AB competitor has transom knees directly welded to the transom and deck and are only welded on certain areas.


  1. The lifting and towing eyes on the ABs, also have a welded reinforcement The competitor’s lifting and towing eyes are welded directly to the hull, where these suffer, receiving all the stress. Another important issue to remark, is that the lifting and towing eyes on the ABs are welded vertically with a sturdy aluminum round bar, while the competitor’s lifting eyes are welded horizontally with a thin sheet of aluminum, which can easily bend when lifting loaded.
  1. The welding seams on the ABs have a higher quality finish and look more neat. Cleaner welding seams also mean a more reliable welding.
  1. The bow lockers on all the ABs 9 AL and up, offer the possibility to fit the fuel tank. In the 9 AL you can fit a 4 gall tank and from 9.5AL and up, you can fit the 6 gall tank. These have a wider opening to introduce the tank or other elements. On the other hand, most of the competitor’s open aluminum models have a smaller bow locker and a narrower opening, where the tank can’t be introduced.


  1. All the Bow Lockers on the ABs have vents for the fuel gases of the fuel tanks when these are placed on the bow lockers. The competitor’s boats don´t have vents on any of their bow lockers.

  1. The bow lockers on the ABs have holes to introduce the hoses of the fuel tank under the deck, while the competitor’s bow lockers don’t have these. This option offers the owner a cleaner deck. An important advantage of having the fuel tank inside the bow locker, is that it balances better the boat during operation, providing some weight on the bow.


  1. The ABs have a strong aluminum internal plate, while the competitor has a weak material engine plate.


  1. AB uses only epoxy painting. There are different points of view about Epoxy Painting or powder finish, and no one can confirm which system is better than the other, but AB prefers to use the most reliable system which is even used on mega yachts, that is Epoxy Painting.

Important facts:

a.    In the market there are many cheap powder coating that flakes easily.

b.    Powder Coating will rust more easily when it chips than painted aluminum.

c.    Powder coating is much more harder to repair once it does chip.

d.    The epoxy painting has better anti-corrosive properties than powder coating.


  1. The Lammina AL open aluminum tenders of AB have more space of flat deck than some of our competitors. A flat deck is more comfortable for walking and offers more space to load things on deck.


  1. All of the AB Aluminum Boats have a Squared Aluminum Support for the Plastic Engine Plate, while some competitors have two aluminum lines without any support for the bottom of the Plastic Engine Plate.


  1. AB Inflatables Console Aluminum Boats comes equipped with a long list of standard items while for most competitors these items come at additional cost.
  1. AB inflatables put emphasis on good certification. Certifications are as follows:
  • CE Certification – HPI (Europe).
  • NMMA – National Manufacturers Marine Association (USA).
  • ISO 9001:2008 – Bureau Veritas.

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Posted: 05/13/2018 8:08 PM

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