An inflatable SUP should not compromise on performance

Owning an inflatable board should not mean you have to compromise on performance, looks or quality. The experience you get when you use RedPaddle boards is that of an authentic SUP experience and not a low quality substitute to the real thing. The difference is in the detail.

Here are a just a few of things that set RedPaddle's boards apart from all other inflatable brands:


The best design. For the best performance.

All Red Paddle Co boards are built using their Tec Air specification to ensure the best possible build quality. This construction pulls all layers of the board together to make sure the board does not stretch when you inflate it. This means that every pump stroke of air is being used to increase stiffness in the board and not just stretching out the material.

Construction Exploded View


Thickness. Redefined.

Making a board thicker will automatically make it stiffer but it will also affect the performance of the board. If a board is too thick it’s maneuverability and stability in the surf and on moving water will be compromised. Red has worked with material manufacturers to produce their drop stitch material to exact thicknesses to allow them to make the stiffest boards while still maintaining the highest level of performance and allow the board to match the feel and performance of there hard board cousins. Cheaper boards use low quality drop stitch that can’t be inflated to a high pressure - so are therefore very flexible and not nice to paddle at all. 

The rocker line shape of a Red is a progressive shape which means it paddles like a hard board and is not constantly smashing into chop when paddling. This means you swap sides less often and need less effort per stroke. In other words you get a real SUP experience with a Red.





Incredibly stiff. By design.

By looking at how and where a board flexes Red has developed and patented the Rocker Stiffening System (RSS) which increases stiffness by up to 40%. It works by inserting stiffening battens along the rails of the board. The battens then work against the downward force of the rider to produce a stiffer board by preventing flex – similar to how a stringer works on a hard board. The stiffening strips are removable for easy board rolling and can be stored in the carry bag for transportation to and from the water. RSS Cad




In-fin-itely better.

Red has even developed fin systems of their own. Nothing comes close to their tried and tested iFin system on their allround boards. Zero warranty requests since they started using the system means that they remain confident that it is the best option. No tools, replacements or spares are needed for the iFin system – it won’t fail. 


Get carried away. Effortlessly.

All Red's new bags have the most significant developments yet seen with inflatable board bags. It has integrated wheels that make travelling through airports a pleasure.The hidden back pack system can be stowed when not in use and is super comfy when you need to put the board on your back.The front loading system makes packing and unpacking super simple.The internal straps make sure the board stays put while in transit.This bag truly is the ultimate solution for travel and storage. 

Less Effort. More Pressure.

Just one inflation is all you need to understand the progress they’ve made with their new High Pressure (HP) pump. Inflating a board over 15psi is now much, much easier. It’s more comfortable to use, requires less effort and still allows you go from backpack to beach in the shortest time possible. 

Pump HP Action

If you look at these points, there's really nothing similar about a Red and a cheap board.If you want a toy to use once or twice a year then a cheap one might be ok. If you want a real board to actually take Paddling then a Red Paddle Co board will deliver you the very best inflatable board experience. 

Now you have decided to go for a Red Paddle Co board, find the one tailored for you!

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