AB Dinghy Selection Guide

AB Inflatables manufactures many models and sizes of RIB's. A careful analysis of your boating lifestyle will help
you make the right choice for your needs. How will you be using your inflatable? Are you acruising couple or operating a day-charter? Will you spend more time in sheltered bodies of water or out on the open seas? Planning ahead for how, and in what conditions, you'll be using your inflatable will help you decide which dinghy model is the most appropriate for you.

In general, the larger the boat size you can handle, the better! It means more cargo, more comfort,
more space in case you have guests aboard. Bigger inflatables handle dramatically better than smaller
ones. An inflatable less than 9' long is capable of planing, but will fall off a plane more easily than its
larger sister. 10' boats (and especially 12' and up) have less bow rise when they accelerate and will
stay on a plane at lower speeds. They're less sensitive to steering inputs so you can relax more
while driving them. Their larger tubes, with slightly greater freeboard, will give you a drier ride. Longer
boats also have more usable interior volume.

There are also a number of other considerations to take into account: How many people will be in a boat? What size outboard to use? Will you be towing the RIB or do you have davits or even store it on deck? What's your budget? The answers to these questions will help you decide which tender is best for you.

Here, at Budget Marine, we're not interested in selling you any dinghy, we're interested in selling you the dinghy that's right for you. We've created this handy flow chart as a quick guide to choosing the best dinghy for your requirements.

You'll find more detailed information for each model here, including descriptions and specifications. And if you need any further assistance, come in and speak with us at Budget Marine.



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Posted: 11/09/2014 4:01 PM
Robert Laidlaw

Will be in Carriacou mid December to mid Jan....looking for a 4-6 person dinghy to rent or used to buy

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