YES! There is a difference in Chain.

What is AQUA Chain?

Maggigroup® is an Italian chain manufacturer established in 1925. It’s a made-in-Italy brand that makes calibrated anchor chains and Genoese link chains for mooring solutions. Maggigroup® has strived to improve the performance benchmark and reliability of anchor chains and the AQUA range is the outcome of this know-how, designed for customers looking for performance and reliability above market standards. AQUA chain is made from high alloy and thermally treated steel, galvanized with a 60 micron thick zinc layer.

What is the difference and why is it important?

Higher Tensile Strength

YES! There is a difference in Chain. 1

In the last few years, European technical standards have set the mechanical and dimensional features of anchor chains for the boating industry and have always based the mechanical strength standard to a tensile strength equal to 30kg per mm2. Maggi group has elected to increase the quality of its standard anchor chains by 25%, to a tensile strength of 40kg per mm2, exceeding industry standard mechanical performance.


YES! There is a difference in Chain. 2

Maggi Group has been awarded two certifications for its calibrated electrically welded anchor chain, entirely MADE IN ITALY, by the two top certifying bodies, TÜV Sud and RINA. More specifically, RINA (Registro italiano navale) has validated each production and testing stage of the calibrated anchor chains produced by the group in its Olginate factory. The manufacturing process allows all quality issues to be checked, which determine AQUA performance and which insures a consistent quality output.

The certified quality of AQUA products and their superior reliability are assured by:

1. the steels selected

2. the processes used to improve material strength

3. the surface treatments applied to fight corrosion in the harsh conditions associated with sea water.

The benefits

  • Maggi Group tests its boat anchor chains and certifies their compliance with RINA standard specifications. Choosing AQUA quality means having the peace of mind of using highly resistant chains, which have successfully passed stringent tests (also good for insurance purposes).
  • A higher tensile strength than a traditional grade 30 traditional chain makes it safer when used in rougher waters, and features sizes compliant with current standard and suitable for anchor winches available on the market.
  • A wider chain tensile range leads to a potentially higher chain capacity thanks to the use of better quality steels with a higher content of precious alloys.

To find the correct size for the chain on board, the correct design choices like vessel size, speed, and available space must be made, and these parameters must be considered in all navigating conditions.

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