St. Maarten Debuts New Layout

There are new insights on how to use retail space, more and more stores are moving away from the high racks, and have lower fixtures so customers can find items better and reach them better. We decided to implement these changes and these are the results: 

  • We now have a brighter store with more light.
  • It’s now easier to navigate through the store. There are no more dead ends. There is a better flow in general in the store for customers AND salespersons.
  • With the layout change, we actually have more efficient shelving and we actually have more stock on the shelves then before despite the lower shelves. It’s now also easier to find stuff in our store … no more hidden stock behind other products
  • We changed the way we merchandise too. We now place all product related items together instead of all brands together. (or at least as much as possible)
  • We now also have designated area’s for specials. These areas are great for emphasizing certain products during the year and can influence impulse buying. Vendors love this as well as they can “feature” their products. 
St. Maarten Debuts New Layout 1

We changed over the store in about 3 days with 1 big push. We started Friday after hours and were done Sunday around 6 pm. We were with a team of about 12 at any given time and did not close the store during regular opening hours on Saturday. Of course we did not get everything done during this time and there are still some slight changes to be made but we made a whole transformation during that weekend with 85% of the work done. It was hard work but it involved teamwork and their was a good vibe from all people involved. We can really state that it was a great success.

It is still a work in progress; we expect more stock moves to happen before season starts, but that makes coming to Budget Marine even more exciting. For now it’s a scavengers hunt each time, with our regular customers and even staff sometimes searching for the new location of the products. We are also working on new signage to make that more clear. Luckily we have not had many complaints from the customers, on the contrary – we’ve had positive feedback on the new looks of the store!

– Carlijn van Bergen

St. Maarten Debuts New Layout 2

How consumers feel while browsing your store can hugely affect their buying behavior. From clear signage in the store to easily see where they need to be, to feeling there is space to move around, catching their attention with regularly changing display areas and feeling welcomed by offering water or coffee. There are many big and small changes that can make someone at ease, make them stay longer in the store and influence their buying. 

Change can also be made by taking environmentally friendly steps. In a later article you can also read about going greener which is both positive for the environment and in this case also cut company costs. We are here to influence each other for the better. What changes can you implement in your store that will make customers improve on their buying behavior or provide for a greener working space? Let us know some of the initiatives that your store is doing so we can share your story!  

St. Maarten Debuts New Layout 3