Product Training

Product Training 1

Budget Marine, as a group, has placed great emphasis on product training sessions over the past few years. With the locations being spread out all over the Caribbean, we are fortunate to have access to technology that allow us to sit in a virtual classroom each week during training months. Using our access to vendors, we have been able to access a wealth of knowledge.

It is very important that we not simply have the product, but we are able to sell the product effectively. These training sessions are designed to educate our frontline staff on how products are made, their uses and how to assist the customer in making an educated decision on what to purchase. With this knowledge, staff should gain higher self-confidence and also a stronger understanding of the industry we all work in and love.

The customers we deal with today are much more knowledgeable than the customer of yesterday, they have access to considerably more information than 20 years ago, so they are very much aware of when a Sales Representative is knowledgeable…or not! Naturally, we may sit back and assume once we’re equipped with adequate product knowledge, we are masters of the universe and can sell ice to an eskimo! Unfortunately, that’s simply not the case. We still see both experienced and inexperienced individuals having difficulty locating items in our system which in turn leads to us not being able to finalize the sale.

Product Training 2

This is why Budget Marine has made a concentrated effort to introduce and schedule regular POS training sessions for 2019. As a group we have invested heavily in our new system and it’s a powerful tool that can assist us in maximizing our knowledge, giving customers accurate information on what we have and last but not least increasing our percentage of finalized sales.  

With these relatively simple sessions, we can all collectively offer the best possible service in the Caribbean and maybe even world!!