Sunfish World Championship/Sunfish Youth & Master World Championship.

September 14 – 20: Sunfish World Championship; September 21 – 25: Sunfish Youth & Master World Championship. 

Over 70 sailors from around the world will compete in the waters off Kralendijk, Bonaire, in these annual one-design championships. The World Championships feature some of the class’ best sailors in the world, while the Youth and Master event welcomes several categories of racers ages under 19 and 40-plus. Major sponsor Maclaren will bring in 72 new boats, sails and dollies to assure each competitor has identical equipment and thus a level the playing field.

“The boats will launch from the beach at event venue, Plaza Beach Resort,” says Pam Teitel, organizer and member of the host Bonaire Sailing Club as well as manager at Budget Marine Bonaire. “The competition is in the bay directly in front, which means basically no transit times to and from the course. There will be viewing areas to watch the competition both at the resort and from along the shores. The sunfish will be available for sale after the event for a great price, so if you are thinking about buying a boat, September is the time!”

Caribbean competitors include several from Puerto Rico, Bonaire, Aruba and Curacao, including Curacao’s 1980 world champion, Cor van Aanholt.

Thank you to All at Sea for the write up, Budget Marine is proud to be a partner in this event.