Student Assistance Program

The Student Assistance Training School in Grenada has been a little baby to all of us here at Budget Marine Grenada. We have supported this training school for roughly 10 years. It may not be marine related but when a young man by the name of Mr. Cumberbatch approached us and gave us his idea of the program he wanted to put in place it was really difficult to say no. 

Student Assistance Program 1

This program helps underprivileged kids in the parish of St. John have an opportunity to complete whatever level of education they are currently in. People tend to not understand the importance of young children having proper meals before and during school hours. It is remarkable how the simple cost of a notebook can determine if a student moves on to the next level or not. The real importance here is giving back and finding avenues where you create the most impact. It’s also a great learning exercise because staff sees firsthand how the contribution works. We at Budget Marine Grenada are extremely proud of our association with the Student Assistance Training Program and will continue to give time and resources to help this fantastic group! 

Student Assistance Program 2