Barracudas washing cars at Budget Marine Bonaire

The national Barracuda Waterpolo Teams is washing lots of cars to raise enough funds to represent their island Bonaire in the Carifta Games in Barbados which is going to be held from April 20th to 23rd. Budget Marine Bonaire is helping a hand by making their location available for the car wash each month to the event as well as sponsoring additional drinks to be sold during the car wash. 

Barracudas washing cars at Budget Marine Bonaire 1

The first car wash was held on January 19th 2019. Pam Teitel, manager of Budget Marine Bonaire: “The car wash was a great success! The drive through  flow works perfectly with the high pressure wash, followed by the soap station, the rinse and then the drying station!  We had a full line up from the start to the finish. We thank all those that bought tickets, drinks and snacks. This is a big help to get the teams to Carifta in Barbados (Caribbean Championships). Their will be 3 more car washes up until the event, with the next Carwash planned for Saturday Feb. 16th at Budget Marine.  Tickets will be available from the athletes or at Budget Marine. Hopefully the other events will be just as succesful as this first one.” 

Barracudas washing cars at Budget Marine Bonaire 2