Creative Marketing in Bonaire

Having virtually dropped our paid advertising, we are working on general exposure through events and social media these days.

Fishing Tournament – In January we took part in a fishing tournament.  Rather than shelling out a lot of cash, we ran a photo and video contest.  This gave us many advantages over simply handing over a few hundred dollars to be on the banner…  First of all rather than only being mentioned on that list of Thank you to our sponsors, x, y and z over and over again, it got us there and on the stage and on the radio and in the press individually.  Throughout the event there were reminders, remember to capture the moment for the Budget Marine prize…  It then also got us some great photos and videos that the marketing team could use for future ads.  Finally it gave the event some added value as we had some nice prizes to offer.  Rule gave us a tournament live well pump for one prize (no cost to us) and for the other we made a selection of lures and accessories (higher perceived value than our cost).  Nicole also got us giveaways from various manufactures making our contribution to the goodie bags low cost and high impact.  Our sponsorship in total cost less than anybody else, gave us more exposure and got us photos and videos on top.  BTW the tournament was a great averaging over 2 bill fish per hour!

Car Wash – In April the water polo team is heading for Carifta on Barbados.  Moving 30 team members from here to there and back is very costly so they are looking for every opportunity to raise funds. When asked to be a sponsor, we offered our location for a car wash.  Again, which is better, mentioned on a list of sponsor, or seen heard and promoted continually?  The team organized it very well, rather than deal with all the administration, the kids prepay their 10 tickets so they are pushed to sell and there is no administration on the club side.  We donate the water.  Our water bill raised about $10-15 per month, not a huge sponsorship cost!  We did also sponsor some chamois, sponges and buckets for the cleaning.  One of our local suppliers for eco cleaning products donated 25 liters of car wash liquid with wax so he also gets some exposure.  The car wash works perfectly as they go around the building there are stations, pressure washer, kids with soap and sponges, then on to the rise station and finally out the other side with the drying station.  They do the car wash once per month and earn over $1000 each time.  Though they aim to sell100 tickets each time, at the start about 60% actually came. Now that people experience what a good car wash it is, our participation has gone up to nearly 80% of the cars coming. It is a great thing as we return to the same people each time to sell the tickets as they want their car washed monthly, unlike a BBQ where it would be pestering to go back monthly to the same people.  Exposure in the community as being charitable carries great value as well.  So our cost, about $20 per month and they make over a thousand and we get great exposure.

World Sun Fish Championships – Bonaire will host the World Sunfish Championships in September.  As a member of the organizing committee, again we are perceived as a leader in the community.  We are now brainstorming our many marketing possibilities for this one.  Got to be out of the box or it is not worth it!  In the meanwhile, please push any clubs that are racing sunfishes to participate.  We will have 72 brand new boats to sail so your travel is simple. Boats will be for sale at the end for $3200 if anyone is interested in adding to their fleet.