Are you looking for a cheaper Anchor Winch?

You can buy a cheaper anchor winch by reducing the chain diameter without decreasing the chain stretched length and strength by choosing

Are you looking for a cheaper Anchor Winch? 1

If AQUA 4 is the “turnkey” technologically more advanced solution for basic calibrated anchor chains, AQUA 7 is the solution for the demanding pleasure boatman who expects outstanding performances.
AQUA 7 is the chain for anchor winches and designed to ensure a tensile strength of 70kg per mm2.
Artcle CodeCalibrate hot dip galva chain DescriptionWeight kg/mGradeWorking load limit kgBreaking load limit kN
CHAIN/08GA7mm. 8×241.470140070
CHAIN/10GA7mm. 10×302.3702200110
CHAIN/12GA7mm. 12×363.3703160158

The benefit of AQUA 7 is not only its better mechanical strength and therefore its effectiveness in solving specific safety problems associated with busy waters and sea beds but is, above all, the answer to endless design problems associated with the weights, volumes and design of anchor winches, as well as the most common problems experienced by the pleasure boatman, such as the optimal stretched length of the chain.

Are you looking for a cheaper Anchor Winch? 2

The graph highlights the breaking load of Aqua7 (the example shown is for a dia. 8 mm chain with breaking load of around 7000 kg) compared to traditional breaking loads (grade 30 of the chain according to DIN 766 mm.8 standard) and to the grade 40 of the Aqua 4 chain mm.8 The greater elastic field (the straight section of the curve) of Aqua 7 ensures a higher working capacity (working load) in respect to traditional chains.

Strand lengthDiameter Grade 30Diameter Aqua 7Convenience
100 m10 mm8 mmlow
100 m12 mm10 mmmedium
100 m13 mm10 mmhigh
100 m13 mm12 mmlow
100 m14 mm12 mmmedium