Raymarine's Evolution Autopilot systems deliver remarkable performance, simple installation and zero calibration! They are available for cockpit pilots and built-in below deck pilots for both power and sail.

Evolution autopilots perceive their environment and then instantly calculate and evolve steering commands to maximize performance. The result is precise and confident course keeping, regardless of vessel speed or sea conditions.

The Evolution EV Ai sensor core combines an advanced 9 axis solid-state sensor with the Evolution autopilot processor into a single easy-to-install housing.

It rapidly monitors heading, pitch, roll, and yaw and has such processing power that it completely removes the need for calibration. This sensor is fully waterproof and can be mounted almost anywhere above or below decks. The Ai software in the high speed processor is able to learn the steering characteristics of your boat. It applies just the right amount of helm to keep your boat on course in all sea states, while keeping power consumption to a minimum.

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