Bonaire Barracudas keeping Bonaire Blue

Rather than “Green”, Bonaire is branding as a “Blue” destination, looking for ways to commit to sustainable use of our ocean resources. Already famous for its diving, the first island to begin a marine park and mooring system. Famous for sailing, hosting one of the oldest regattas, home of windsurfing PWA champion and many of the world’s top 10 and kite surfing with ultimate conditions. Bonaire uses the sea for many other things as well!
The Bonaire Barracuda’s swim club has no choice but to use the sea as there is no swimming pool on the island appropriate for swim training, racing or water polo. They train and compete using the big pool available to them, the sea!  In September Bonaire hosted 2 competitions against the Curacao Orcas. They were able to use the commercial town pier which makes for a perfect venue for the competition.
Budget Marine sponsored and placed the ropes and buoys to mark out the field. The first competition featured the teams of under 12 years old. The second under 14 years old. Both competitions were close, with Curacao edging out 2 out of three games each time. Other age groups took advantage of the venue and mixed teams like boys against girls, under 17 vs adults and more variations played. Each month a different age group will come for a festive weekend of competition.
Living on a windy island and training and competing in the sea, Bonaire is very conscious to keep with their Blue philosophy. With thirsty competitors and spectators, you might imagine in a weekend long competition how many plastic cups may have been used. Even with the best care, a few would blow into the sea. The crew from Wood Wind Sailing built a rack from PVC with numbered holes for re-usable cups. This not only keeps the cups organized so you can always find yours, it keeps them from flying away in the wind. That along with a big cooler with water, there are no bottles or cups to throw away. Please use this idea for sports on the land or seaside! Keep your destination Green or Blue as the case may be!

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