The rebuilding of hulls

Flipped catamaran, salvaged from the bottom, or a slight knock? The number of damaged hulls by Hurricane Irma is hard to comprehend. Once the insurance dollars start flowing in (for the ones who had cover in the first place), it’s repair time.

Rebuilding is very often possible.

First good reason to choose to repair is to save boats from going to landfill (or the bottom of the ocean). Secondly, yachts can be restored to very high standard, as long as the right steps and procedures are followed - and which processes you choose will determine the quality of result and future value of the boat. The most crucial part is to document the repair steps carefully.

When in years to come the boat goes on the market you want to be able to show how you repaired the boat very clearly and how you likely created a stronger and better product than the original. How?

  • By creating lay up schedules on the hull repair, specifying the products used and creating an album that makes it clear that you took no short cuts on the repairs.
  • By using materials with proven structural properties and documenting that you have used them correctly, you will enhance confidence in condition surveyors, brokers and future buyers.

We’ve pulled together our list of superior products, based on our own restoration experience and best practice, that we recommend using for your repairs:

1. Carbon Core for PVC and a wide range of core materials , honeycomb, balsa , structural foams , laminated panels and reinforcements

2. Bruynzeel Multipanel Premium range of marine plywood especially Okoume Maine Ply and sole coverings

HECHTHOUT® is a weather- and water-proof Okoume Marine Plywood and has proved itself for over 60 years in construction and boatbuilding. Hechthout® Okoume veneers are made of the highest quality, both aesthetically and technically, without gaps or knots. Hechthout® stands for durability with a minimum maintenance cost. It is completely waterproof, holds a unique 20 year guarantee, KOMO certificate, FSC certificate and Lloyds Type Approval. A/B Quality. Sheets measure 4' x 8'. Yoiu can also go to:

3. King Plastic, the world renowned “ Starboard “ as well as a range of plastic sheeting and rods

This High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) material, also known as Marine-Tuff, is made from a unique polymer formula in sheet form and designed to be maintenance free. It cleans easily with household cleaners, or soap and water. It resists UV and the rugged marine environment without colour fading. King Starboard machines like wood, and can be routed, drilled sawed, and stapled. Yoiu can also visit

It will not split or chip like wood or other plastics.

4. Clearcote Club Kit for a wide range of fiberglass products including premium polyester resins

5. West System The premium name in epoxy , the finest track record on quality and a comprehensive range . Includes extensive guidance materials by manufacturers with huge experience. for the regular for the professional line. Also check out their tips and projects on their website.

6. Curbell Plastics : A wide range of sheet materials that are suitable for hatches , portlights , and window material .

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