Getting Going in Sint Maarten

Yesterday Robbie Ferron and Brian Deher the President  of the Sint Maarten Marine Trades met with the “Reconstruction Committee “ of the Sint Maarten government who have been tasked with drawing up plans for the reconstruction of Sint Maarten. The Committee is headed by Joan Dovale Meit and includes friends of the marine industry like Jan Beaujon and Dennis Richardson.
Robbie emphasized the need to facilitate boat owners, insurance representatives, salvage parties and surveyors to work as quickly as possible. He pointed out that substantial economic activity will definitely result from the damages and the greatest challenge is get this going as soon as possible. He pointed out that absent boat owners would not appreciate not being allowed on island in this period.
In the course of discussion it was pointed out that access to the French side was unlimited and that Grand Case airport was operating normally. This meant that getting to Sint Maarten needed to be done via Guadeloupe or Martinique.
It was made clear that everyone was aware of the need to open the airport but that this was only being held back by the inability with the present damage to meet safety standards and certification. As soon as these challenges were resolved, there was little doubt that they would go ahead with opening.

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