Flexible solar panel SUNBEAMsystem

Designed in Sweden with clean looks, a high finish and with no visible internal wiring, the surface of the SUNBEAMsystem “Tough” flexible solar panel is, as the name says, tougher than anything we have seen in the solar industry before.

Made to endure tough marine environments, the double UV protection in the flexible panel approaches the life expectancy of a thick glass panel. Previously, a thin, light panel meant choosing a shorter life, regardless of manufacturer. The surface layer is also more scratch-resistant compared to other models, which contributes to a longer life span.

In addition to being tough, the new surface material has 1-2% better transparency compared to glass, which helps performance. The excellent solar cells SUNBEAMsystem uses for their panels, means users can feel confident in getting as much as possible out of the promised wattage. They win test after test when compared with competitors’ solar panels with similar claimed wattage in the real world. Although the smallest and lightest panels on the market, they deliver undiminished performance and high energy production.

With the small surface footprint of the solar panels, a flexibility of 20o per feet and only 3mm thin, looks can be deceiving, as you can walk on them without problems, even with heels. Not that you are likely to wear those on your boat! As a bonus, an anti-slip surface is integrated in the solar panel. The LOXX model SUNBEAM panel can even be fixed on your bimini or canvas using special locked snap fasteners by LOXXTM.

Need any more convincing? Just speak to one of the sales guys at Budget Marine who will fill you in on this latest solar product offering that is likely to be a hit with boat owners looking for a stylish, environmentally friendly and versatile solution to their yacht’s power requirements. 

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