Getting to know Nicholas George - Grenada’s Manager at Budget Marine

Nicholas George joined Budget Marine Grenada in January 2003. He had obtained his BSc Economics and brought to Budget Marine his quiet determination, attention to detail, and a polite, unassuming manner which went down well with the customers, although he still had much to learn about the chandlery business.
At the time the store was located in 2 tiny rooms and a container on the Prickly Bay side of the bay, next to the small boatyard that used to be there. He joined the staff of 3 (manager, cashier and part time cleaner) to do purchasing and inventory control, but as is usually the case in such a small business, he soon learned to be a jack of all trades. In 2004 he was very much part of the team that moved the stock from the dusty old premises into the custom-built building in the then newly established Spice Island Marine Services boatyard, and helped set up this location to serve Grenada’s boaters just when the island’s marine services were becoming increasingly established.
In 2005 he was promoted to the store manager’s position, which he saw as a challenge to be tackled with intent. Sales increased year by year and very soon the building was too small for the stock and staff required. Nicholas and his team persevered through a number expansions and re-organisations, the most effective of which in 2015 provided much improved office space (previous office space being used for warehousing) and a whole new boat building section for the sales floor.
Nicholas has become thoroughly involved in the boating community of Grenada. He purchased, refitted and sailed a small yacht, which he later sold, encouraged his older son to sail dinghies, and is a keen sport fisherman. In 2011 he boldly committed Budget Marine to title sponsorship of the Spice Island Billfish Tournament, and his hard work has substantially contributed to its continued success. He strongly supports youth sailing initiatives and is on the Marine Yachting Association of Grenada committee. He gave up his hobby of drag racing after a major crash, realizing his responsibility towards his first son Kani, now 12 years old. His second son Kai was born 5 weeks ago, so he is currently not having much sleep at night!
In pictures: Kai, Kani & Nicholas George
Budget Marine Grenada Sales Representative Lera Griffith also gives her perspective on Nicholas:
N- Neat in dressing & structuring
I - Interested in solving problems
C - Cares about the well being of others
H - Has no time for nonsense
O - Observant
L - Lover of children & dogs
A - Always willing to listen
S - Succeeds at whatever he puts his mind to.
I have been an employee of Mr. George for the past 8 years. At first I was afraid to work with him, because he was young and somehow seemed to be more strict than the average boss, but as time went by, I realized he was just a well-focused individual who made prioritizing his business.
There is a time and place for everything and Nicholas is a perfect example of dealing with everything in its rightful place in the right moment. He is very intelligent, which makes asking him questions easy, because without a doubt you know you will receive an answer. Nicholas takes his work very seriously and the way he looks out for his staff is exceptional, as with everything else. When errors are made, you are scolded, but only for your betterment, as he is not one to hold things against you. He always tries to find ways to increase our knowledge, whether it be to make our working in this industry easier so that we can better attend to our customers, or whether it be just for general knowledge. I must say I enjoy working alongside my boss, and wouldn’t want him to change for anything. Cheers to you Mr. Nicholas George, keep on fighting the good fight, thank you for putting up with us, and may God’s richest Blessings continue to be with you in whatever you do.

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