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Epoxy Resin, 105-B 0.98Gal


Referencia del fabricante105B
MarcaWest Systems
Precio: Pedido Especial
Código de producto:WES/105-B
Opciones de entrega:
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Descripción del producto

105 Epoxy Resin is a clear, pale yellow, low-viscosity liquid epoxy resin. Formulated for use with WEST SYSTEM 205 Fast Hardener, 206 Slow Hardener, 207 Special Clear or 209 Extra Slow hardeners, it can be cured in a wide temperature range to form a high-strength solid with excellent moisture resistance. 105 Resin is formulated without volatile solvents and does not shrink after curing. It has a relatively high flash point and no strong solvent odor, making it safer to work with than polyester or vinylester resins. Designed specifically to wet out and bond with wood fiber, fiberglass, reinforcing fabrics and a variety of metals when mixed at the proper ratio with a WEST SYSTEM hardener. An excellent adhesive, 105 mixtures will bridge gaps and fill voids when modified with WEST SYSTEM fillers, pigments and other additives and can be sanded and shaped when cured.

Descripción del producto

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