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Tear Repair, Vinyl Repair Kit Type B


Referencia del fabricante1991-0103
Precio: Pedido Especial
Código de producto:TRA/VINYL-KIT
Opciones de entrega:
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Descripción del producto

Tear-Aid Repair Kits for boat covers and cushions offer instant adhesive action ideal for emergencies. The patches can be cut down to any size – no messy glue needed. The elastic patches are strong and resilient enough to withstand forceful stretching, and conform to just about any surface.

Type B Fabric repair kit will even allow you to make repairs to wet surfaces. A squeegee tool can be used to push water away from the surface to be repaired. Type A Vynil repair kit stops cuts and other damages from ripping even more. If you are meticulous with your repair, it will last a long time.

Descripción del producto

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