Battery, DeepCycle AGM 12V MCA:1675 255Ah Size 8D


Referencia del fabricanteLFL/GPL-8DA
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LFL/GPL-8DADeep Cycle AGM 12 Volt     255 Amp HoursMCA 1675CCA 1350
8D20.76″ (527mm) Long10.89″ (277mm) Wide9.41″ (239mm) Height w/Termin. 162lb (73.6kg)

LIFELINE batteries are manufactured by Concorde Battery Corporation to the highest standards in the industry. They’re assembled utilizing the same methods and procedures as Concorde’s world famous aerospace grade batteries. This technology combines absorbent glass mat (AGM) principles with other patented procedures and special materials. LIFELINE batteries are hand assembled using special interlocking cases which are sealed with epoxy resin. Once fully charged and drained, the cells are charged to a slight positive pressure. They have superior strength, do not leak while inverted, and process charging gasses internally.


  • User Safe
  • Sealed construction non-spillable
  • Install in any position if properly supported.
  • Submersible without damage
  • Maintenance free (no adding water or repairing corroded terminals)
  • Fastest recharge. (no current limitations with voltage regulated recharging)
  • Deep Cycle (thick positive plates to provide real deep cycle performance)
  • Outstanding cranking performance (aircraft cell construction lowers internal resistance)
  • Best charge retention (especially against flooded cell types)
  • Lowest discharge rates (Less that 3 percent per month unattended)
  • Shock and vibration resistant. (100% of plates are covered with separator liners)

Lifeline AGM batteries are specified as house batteries on many high end boats. The GPL-24T is an ideal for use in high vibration environments such as centre consoles and fast sport boats.

Descripción del producto

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