Antifouling, Pacifica Plus Black Gallon


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Pacifica Plus is suitable for sailing yacht or powerboat hulls, propellers and outdrives in sea/fresh/brackish water on Aluminum / Zinc-Galvanized Steel, GRP / FRP , Lead, Steel, and Bronze / Stainless Steel substrates.

It is a copper free ablative antifouling with dual antifouling properties: Econea ™ for the control of barnacles and shell fouling, and Biolux Slime blocking Technology. It is a fast-drying, low VOC, high solid ablative antifouling which minimizes paint build-up. As it wears away with use, the performance of Pacifica Plus is directly related to the amount of paint applied (thin film thickness may lead to premature fouling). 

Note: Spraying antifouling on running gear may be preferable to brushing. Propeller, lower unit, sail drive and even the inside of thru-hulls can be fouled in no time. The solution: Apply Pacifica Plus antifouling with the handy Preval sprayer PRV/267.


  • Outstanding Copper-free bottom paint.
  • Contains Econea™ to control shell growth and Biolux® Slime-Blocking technology.
  • Clean, crisp, bright colours.
  • Fast dry, low odor.
  • High solids, reduced solvent emissions.
  • Polishing action for improved fuel efficiencies which equals reduced Carbon Dioxide and Sulfur Dioxide into the air.
  • Suitable for all substrates, including aluminum.

Descripción del producto

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