The Lifeline Battery Difference

As the preferred AGM battery of more than 150 OEMs around the world, Lifeline is the Best Battery you can Buy. Best known in the marine industry by those with mission critical applications like professional anglers, long distance cruisers and yacht captains seeking value and reliability. These Lifeline Battery owners consistently experience a working life-span between 5-8 years for their AGM batteries.

The manufacturing philosophy of the Concorde Battery Corporation is at the root of these high quality batteries. Quality Construction, Quality Materials, and Quality Engineering equals highly successful results, some of the many factors that contribute to the overwhelming success of Lifeline Batteries:

  • Unlike any other battery manufacturers, all Lifeline batteries are made by hand from beginning to end. This is costly, but essential to producing the highest quality product.
  • Before the manufacturing process can begin, careful scrutiny and extensive testing is performed on all materials that will be used during construction.
  • Engineered to Military and ISO Specifications, and built to function to stickered specifications while operating in the harshest tropical environments.
  • Lifeline battery cases are engineered from the strongest possible material to prevent distortion and protect the battery composition from the harshest shock and vibrations.
  • After pasting a proprietary mixture of lead oxide on the Lifeline plate grids, they are then inspected one by one by hand to insure proper coverage and adhesion of materials. This is a critical stage that is directly associated with the unmatched reliability of batteries.
  • During the inner cell welding an up and over method is incorporated as opposed to going through the cell walls. Up and over welding makes inspection of the welding quality of each battery possible. All of the cell and terminal welds are done by hand.

The result: Lifeline Batteries provide ample capacity and cranking amps, industry leading reserve capacities, two to three times the life-cycles, and a virtually non-existent defect rate.

Are you ready for your first Lifeline?
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