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Wire and cable runs should be robustly secured wires with clamps and wire ties to resist vibration, pounding, rolling and pitching.

Size Matters
You need more copper for more current. If your wire is undersized, it can get hot enough to melt the insulation and cause all kinds of catastrophes. Use sizing charts to make sure you get the sizing right depending on the length, current draw and type of usage. Go here for Ancor sizing charts.

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Protection, Please
Fuses and circuit breakers are there to protect your wires and should always be sized below the amp rating of the wires they are protecting, preventing short circuits and overloads. They should also be placed as close to the power source as possible.
Connections Are Critical
Most electrical problems happen at the wire connections. Marine-grade ring or captive-spade terminals, adhesive-lined heat-shrink tubing and galvanically compatible materials are a must.