Get comfortable!

Get comfortable! 1

Boating is a luxury for most of us, so shouldn’t it feel like one? Freedom, relaxation, escape – all of the things that you enjoy about your boat shouldn’t be impacted by inconvenience and lack of comfort. Sometimes the simplest things can affect how much you enjoy your boat. A comfortable seat, a cold drink, a cool cabin and a great sound system can really help you to relax in the way that you deserve.

If the cockpit on your boat was designed only with comfort in mind, your boat would be a little funny looking, and probably not at all practical. Even cockpit cushions aren’t always everything that you really want in comfort. We found a solution to the problem in Comfort Seats. We’ve tried other cushions and folding seats that were not nearly as durable, adjustable or comfortable. The Comfort Seats can be positioned from flat to 90⁰, they provide cushion and support just where you need it, and they aren’t that difficult to stow when you aren’t using them. What a difference it makes to sit in real comfort rather than jury rigging throwables, fenders, or whatever else you can find to make yourself comfortable. We are never again going to leave our boats after a day of sailing feeling like we need a massage afterwards!

Get comfortable! 2

Get comfortable! 3

A day charter captain acquaintance was once asked by one of his passengers what the difference was between a boat and a yacht. Not wanting to dash his passenger’s apparent reverence for his boating expertise, the captain responded, “A yacht has an ice maker”. When you are chilling in your Comfort Seat, what could be nicer than clinking ice in your cocktail? We can help you transform your boat into a “yacht” with our range of Icerette Ice Makers from Raritan in both 110V and 240V.

Keeping cool below deck isn’t just a matter of having fans blowing directly at you from every direction. Actually, a fan by itself isn’t going to do that much to keep you cool. If you really want to keep cool inside your boat, you need to create airflow through the boat by using your fans with wind scoops and/or cowl vents. The wind scoops and cowl vents toward your bow should face forward to scoop air into the cabin. The scoops and cowl vents aft should face aft to maximize the flow through. If you position your fans so that they accelerate the airflow, it will do a lot to change the ambient temperature, which will be more effective at keeping you cool.

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That plunge you took after lunch really felt good, until the water evaporated off you and you found yourself covered in salt. Do all those little crystals magnify the sun? It sure feels like it. If you don’t have a deck shower, this is when you really want one. Deck showers used to require a larger cut out when installing them to accommodate the mixer and the tap. Also, the lighter weight plastic showerheads don’t typically last very long, and the heavier duty showerheads can cause some damage to your gel coat if they are dropped on the deck. We do have a solution to these problems though. The Twist TM from Whale has the mixer integrated into a rubberized showerhead, which means that it’s both compact and lightweight. It requires only a circular hole to mount it, so it’s easy to install almost anywhere. Without levers, knobs and lids to break, it’s more durable than the other lightweight alternatives, and the rubberized showerhead ensures that your deck isn’t going to suffer if it is dropped.

It’s great that there are so many more choices available to us for music from our smart phones and other mobile devices now. Remember what a struggle it was to keep CDs in good condition on your boat? Now our music choices are almost limitless without the need for an extensive library of CDs. So if you are listening to exactly what you want, it should sound good. Fusion Electronics sound system combine quality and innovation in a range of audio products that will help you to create the ultimate sound system to go with your ultimate play list. Want to keep enjoying your music beyond the scope of your cabin? The Eco Rox Speakers will go anywhere you take them and never miss a beat! No worries if you drop the Eco Rox in the water, it’s 100% waterproof and floats to the top, keeping the music and your investment topside. Take them with you while swimming or even mount them to a paddleboard or cockpit of a kayak!

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So how do you lime on your boat? Are there products or ideas that you’ve found that help you to get comfortable? Tell us about them!