North Sound Antigua Boatyard

The North Sound Antigua location is one of the smallest in the Budget Marine network, but it currently is serving a large population that will be needing a great deal of work.
North Sound is the boatyard originally developed by Allan Stanford and is large, fantastically concreted and on the north side of Antigua. (English Harbour is on the South side) The yard management arranged to take a
large number of the boats damaged in the 2017 hurricanes. Some have limited damage and some have a little more than limited damage. This very large boatyard is in any event full of boats and there is a huge amount of work to be done. The image shows storage space that was totally empty until just a while ago. In fact every corner of this large yard is now occupied by boats , mainly catamarans. 
The Budget Marine stock is well focussed on the needs of damaged boats! Budget Marines outlet is located centrally in this yard and the man on the spot (there is only one man) is Allan McAlmont.

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