Budget Marine Training

Budget Marine Training Courses are always held every Wednesday morning in the low season summer months. These training sessions vary from pure technical data, maximizing the available tools to match consumer demands to products Budget Marine carries as well as developing a good knowledge of what questions to ask the customer to be able to make the right recommendations. The IT department also keeps developing new ways to make look up of products easier and more efficient so the right product can be found and the customer can be helped quicker. Technology has come a long way and helps us do our weekly trainings virtually as our locations are spread throughout the Caribbean.
Ruth Lund, speaking as a cruiser/racer/live aboard and Budet Marine customer adds:
““The strong emphasis that Budget Marine places on staff training is what gives Budget Marine the edge over other Caribbean chandleries. It is very obvious to customers, many of whom are fairly well informed regarding boating equipment and materials, exactly which boating stores take training seriously, providing opportunities not only for new staff members, but ongoing initiatives for better understanding and growth at all levels.”
We hope you as our customer have noticed the benefits of our ongoing trainings as well as we continue to serve you as best as we can. 

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