Shakeil Norris of Budget Marine Antigua graduates

We are proud to have people in our team that continue to grow and we congratulate Shakeil Norris of Budget marine Antigua for graduating summa cum laude!
Shakeil Norris reports: “After graduating from high school, it was the driving force of my aunt (Louisa Norris), who inspired me not to settle, but to continue pursuing knowledge, as it has proven to be the key to success. She had me signed up for a local college (ABIIT) shortly after the completion of my CXC exams. My first semester started in September, 2011.
Whist being a full-time student, I was also able to work part time at Budget Marine in the inventory/sales department. Although it may have seemed a bit too much, it was actually very beneficial towards most of the courses undertaken relating to case studies, day to day operations, working in groups to exercise synergy, and also the importance of communication. I also had lots of lectures, and valuable advice from the Budget
Marine team to keep me on the right path.
After successfully completing my Associates Degree in 2013, I became a full time employee at Budget Marine Antigua. With the will to learn, I decided to dig deeper and pursue a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management. In addition, I was also fortunate to be aided with a partial scholarship from the Government of Antigua to assist with tuition payment. This was also a new challenge as I had never attempted an online learning class before. However, with lots of determination, motivation from family members, peers, and most importantly prayer, I was able to overcome many hurdles enabling me to successfully graduate on the president’s list "summa cum laude" (with highest honour).
Furthermore, I am now confident of pursuing my MBA, but will need a little more work experience before attempting that venture. Nevertheless, I am passionate about my job at Budget Marine, and hope I can be a valuable asset towards the success and growth."
In picture: Shakeil Noris with his Aunt Louisa Norris, manager of Budget Marine Antigua

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