Team Budget Marine - Micron 99 at the Antigua Sailing Week

On day 3 of the 2016 Antigua Sailing Week, Team Budget Marine - Micron 99 was lying 3rd in CSA Racing 7, one of the bigger classes with 13 competitors. Robbie Ferron says this was: “Thanks to the cool crew. Steve and Dan the steady foundation, Shak the local recruiter and supporter, Guy the do everything man and inspirer of all, as well as crews Steve and Kwan, who succumbed to mal de mer, but did their very best to pretend they were not sick, and finally rookie Timmy who caught on fast when put on the spot to haul in sails in a new environment.
However, that was when the going was still good. Then on the fourth day we had a great start and were way way ahead when PHAFF ...... we looked up and the mainsail was severely torn at the top. So no more racing unless a major repair was undertaken to this overage sail. 
Antigua Sailing Week has settled down to being a very comfortable and pleasant regatta for a range of boats. It is not a superyacht regatta any more, and it is not the ultimate hot racer regatta. But is a well organized sailing event in a spectacular location with a rich history, providing not only solid racing, but a great social experience for a wide range of boats and crews. It has it's "act together" and really meets the demands of the extremely serious, very serious, mildly serious, simply serious and dedicated crews who also like to enjoy a good lime after racing. We're looking forward to doing more of these weeks. Next year we will be prepared with a new sail so watch out! ”
Robbie Ferron - Captain of the team

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