Tech Bench Sessions organized at Budget Marine Grenada

In April Budget Marine, Spice Island Marine and Oscar Cain of Onboard Refrigeration & Electrical Systems came together to plan bi-weekly Tech Bench sessions for cruisers. 

Nicholas George, manager of Budget Marine Grenada, reports: “Oscar Cain, who works very closely with both Spice Island Marine Services and Budget Marine Grenada, came to me a few weeks ago with the idea of having simple Tech Bench sessions on the compound. After in-depth discussion with Oscar about the idea, it simply made sense, and we decided to pursue and execute. 
The Tech Bench sessions are held in the Budget Marine Grenada Car Park and are advertised on the Grenada Cruisers Net.The cruisers from other bays here in Grenada organize their shopping bus trips and Budget Marine is part of the stop.  The sessions are coordinated so they occur around the same time the busses arrive for their shopping at the chandlery.
The topics touched on so far are Refrigeration, Battery & Alternator Charging, Solar & Wind Power and also Radio Communication. These sessions are targeted to cruisers who would like to increase their knowledge when it comes to electrical systems and how they work. An educated cruiser will make better decisions when it comes to purchases. These sessions run for roughly 3 hours at a time and so far they seem succesful as at any point in time you will see 2-3 cruisers engaged with Oscar for personal in-depth advice."

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