NEW AIR Silent X wind turbine from Primus Windpower

Sailboats have harnessed the power of the wind for thousands of years to propel their vessels on the high seas.  Today, with the assistance of small wind turbines, wind power is being used not only for propulsion, but also to charge the battery banks of sailboats and yachts without the use of an alternator or generator.  This is more important than ever as onboard gadgets and appliances multiply. 

To supply renewable energy to these onboard devices, Primus Wind Power has introduced the AIR Silent X 400 W wind turbine.  

Utilizing the proven, robust platform of the AIR X turbine and the quiet carbon fiber “blue blade” set, Primus has designed a turbine that is quiet, lightweight yet providing an impressive energy output from a 1.2 meter  rotor diameter turbine.   The unit is manufactured in Colorado with Dealers and Distributors worldwide to assure the support you need, wherever your sailboat may travel.  A best in class 5 year warranty, the AIR Silent X provides you that reliability and performance that every sailor looks for.  Up Tower controls inside the turbine allow for ease of installation with no additional space needed for a down tower controller.

The AIR Silent X is a great combination of very quiet operation, reliability, affordability and energy output and is now available at Budget Marine.


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