Awlmix Custom Color System comes to Trinidad

Budget Marine Trinidad in Chaguaramas now has an authorized Awlgrip Color Mixing Bank to provide state of the art mixing for state of the art coating to their customers.

In 2004 Awlgrip introduced Awlmix, the advanced color mixing system that enables key Awlgrip distributors to offer a color matching system for any Awlgrip or Awlcraft 2000 topcoat, including special requests for new colors. This service has benefited captains and crew globally, ensuring that no matter where in the world, paint matched to their exact needs is always made available with colors made to the same high quality and specification as any factory made product. Whether matching your custom fabric, your new car, or your wife’s favorite color, Awlmix is the ideal choice when it comes to custom colors for your boat, no matter how large or small the job.

How is this done? A highly trained Awlgrip color chemist at one of the Awlmix centers in the UK, USA or New Zealand will analyze the reference sample, utilizing the latest in advanced color matching software. From this they formulate the custom color paint and make it available to every Awlmix distributor worldwide via Using the unique color code assigned to each custom color, the yacht owner can be confident that any paint produced in the future will be the same color and quality as they chose on day one.

Budget Marine Trinidad’s recently installed Color Mixing Bank has the latest color matching software, the relevant tint bases and a dedicated mixing and prep area. A senior staff member was trained at Awlgrip’s dedicated Miami training centre in preparation for offering this exciting additional service to the many paint contractors and boat owners in the busy boating hub of Chaguaramas.  Please email  to find out more

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