Caribbean Deepsea Challenge

The darkness of the sea is an environment believed to be impossible to enter by any natural means. However, a specialist in Freediving; a mental and physical discipline in which it is required to perform substantial self-control techniques to hold your breath and visit the most unbelievable depths of the ocean. 

Carlos Coste, a world record holder who comes from a remarkable trajectory as a freediver will be faced with the Deepsea Challenge. He will attempt to dive with only one breath over 145 meters at seabed in a dicipline called Variable Weight on Boanire, Netheralnds Antilles. 

The Venezuelan expects to recover the record which he already obtained on two occasions (2004 and 2006). The Variable Weight modality consists of descending underwater to the set mark with the use of a sled and ascending with the Freediver's own measures (with the help of fins for example).

Further, parralel to the world record attempt, the Deepsea Challenge introduces competition and opens registration for 12 athletes in International ranking to show their skills in other disciplines in the Freediving Scene. 

There is a new requirement for freediving, where they must have a high definition fish finder for verification and safety purposes. Until recently this was only a recommendation. Raymarine, a brand carried excflusively by Budget Marine in the Caribbean, has donated a Raymarine dragonfly for this purpose.

The Dragonfly is built with two discrete CHIRP sonar channels. The first is the ultrahigh-resolution DownVision™channel and the second is a high-resolution fish targeting sonar channel. Unlike conventional imaging sonars that transmit a single frequency with each pulse, Dragonfly’s DownVision™ sonar uses CHIRP technology to transmit across a wide spectrum of sonar frequencies with each pulse – the result is much higher resolution, almost photographic sonar images.

Together with the organisation, Budget Marine will set up a wifi connection so that not only the crew on the boat but also the spectators on show are able to follow what is happening below. The event will take place 17-27th of June. 



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