10th edition of the Budget Marine Challenge in Curaçao

The 10th edition of the succesful Budget Marine Challenge, organized by the Curaçao Yachting Association (CYA), will be held this Sunday May 25th.

The Budget Marine Challenge differs from other sailing regattas because of the unusual, spectacular start methods used. Racing starts at 10 in the morning in Spanish Water (Spaanse Water) with a  “Voor de windse” start (down wind start). Usually starts are up wind. The first part of the race course is set to sail to Fuik Beach. Yachts will start arriving around midday and sailors can enjoy a lunch sponsored by Budget Marine.

The second part of the racing begins with a spectacular anchor start. The yachts are anchored off Fuik Beach, the sails need to be down and the crew must stay below deck. As soon as the start is signalled, anchors need to be lifted and the yachts set sail from Fuik Beach and on to open water for the next part of the course. Many have tried different tactics with the anchor start leading to a variety of outcomes. Those who have paid attention to past strategies and results and can get their boat sailing first, have the edge to be front runner for the finish line. Around 3 in the afternoon the first boats are expected to finish in Spanish Water in front of the club house of WSV Jan Sofat at Brakkeput Ariba. The Skippers Briefing is this Friday 23 May starting at 6pm at WSV Jan Sofat. 

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