Big developments in the world of PFD’s

Re-Arming Kits For Life Jackets

There have been two big developments in the world of PFD’s (personal flotation devices).

1. There is much more compulsion to wear them in professional and some other uses on the water. Almost any worker who is operating near the water is expected to be wearing a PDF.

2. Most authorities now approve inflatable lifejackets which was not the case before. This means that instead of a bulky contraption, a much lighter unit can be worn that only becomes bulky / inflated when the need arises.

The result of these developments has been that on most official vessels and large yachts the crew will be seen wearing inflatable PDF’s and they are much more pleased with them than many years ago.

To comply however the equipment that inflates these units has to be replaced on schedule. If this is not done, the units do not comply with the regulations. It is very difficult to get these flown in last minute as they are hazardous cargo items. This resulted in the fact that in the past the benefits of comfort and greater safety were simply mitigated by the difficulties of getting replacement inflation units (mainly the canisters) .

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