International Yachting Seminar

International Yachting Seminar

Budget Marine's and St Maarten Marine Trades Association board member, Robbie Ferron, represented the SMMTA and St. Maarten,  this weekend in Martinique attending an International yachting seminar sponsored by the 'Euro Institut Caribéen' (EIC) of the FWI University (UAG), and co-organized by the International Affairs Desk of French Customs Caribbean Headquarteres in Martinique, FWI.

Tourism is a major component of the sustainable development strategy of most of the Eastern Caribbean Islands.

Several studies have stressed the potential growth of the tourism segment revolving around yachting in the unique environment offered by the Caribbean Sea.

Beyond the individual efforts of each island to promote their respective destination, a common environment and cultural heritage might provide the ground for a joint approach based on shared values to promote collectively the Eastern Caribbean destination to the yachting community.

The event is expected to bring together national representatives of the private (Yachting Community) and public sector (National agencies in charge of tourism and border controls like Customs in particular) but also regional organizations with projects and/ or ongoing programs related to the yachting in the Eastern Caribbean such as the Organization of the Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) and the Caribbean Law Enforcement Council (CCLEC).

The St. Maarten Marine Trade Association is pleased to have this opportunity to liaise with our regional counter parts.

Mr. Ferron will be sharing his knowledge of the Marine Industry by presenting a paper on "Economic Drivers of Marine Tourism in the Caribbean".

Ferron is a founding father of the marine industry on St. Maarten and a strong advocate for sailing in the lagoon. His vast experience comes through his business – Budget Marine – which has 10 outlets Caribbean wide, his work developing the St. Maarten Yacht Club as past Chairman of the Heineken Regatta Steering Committee and as past president of the Caribbean Sailing Association.

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